Laser welding

ZINOX LASER uses solid "Nd-Yog" lasers, that for their extremely reduced wavelength are particularly indicated to weld metals such as steel, chromed steel, pre-polished stainless steel (supermirror), DZR brass (dezincification); in other words, all materiols requiring a clean and top quality welding. The laser band (spot) features a very reduced diameter (0.20 ca) thus providing for high precision welding - not oxidized - and with no need for welding material. In addition, the welded ports are not subject to deformation nor to alteration of the morphologicol properties of the material.

Stainless steel


Min 0,2 mm - Max 6 mm
Min 0,2 mm - Max 4 mm
Min 0,2 mm - Max 3 mm
Min 0,2 mm - Max 6 mm
Min 0,2 mm - Max 5 mm