• The ABS system for shower heads
    von Marketing am 7 Juni 2019 um 15:34

    Yesterday the ABS brakes in my car probably just saved my life and that of my family.So I did some digging in the history of this Safety Device.I wonder how many of you know that the Anti Breaking System originated by a concept first used in rail carriages (1908) and then on airplanes (in 1920). Various companies continued research and development, firstly in the form of a patent in 1928 that was never converted into a working product and then also the Bosch company filed a different patent in

  • Why We Did It
    von Marketing am 3 Mai 2019 um 13:31

    Long version of the title would be: Why we created a system that prevents damage from limestone deposits by avoiding it to crack your shower head open (and so keeping the customers of your customers happy).But it was just way too long for a header.Point is that, when you release the lot of your ultra thin shower heads in the open, those 2 mm thick beauties, they are so shiny, so beautiful; they make you feel the pride of having given something of beauty to the world to enjoy it.But when you get

  • Will I see you at the show?
    von Marketing am 15 Februar 2019 um 10:22

    It's exhibition time almost everywhere in February and March! I'll be travelling around, checking what the news in the design of faucets and shower rooms are and will get to see the novelties in technology and production in ceramics, wall coverings, floor and wall tiles, marble slates and anything this industry has to offer to the market of Kitchen and Bath.Everybody needs a bathroom! So there're shows for the Hotel furnitures, shows for the construction services and products and shows specific

  • It's that time of the year again
    von Marketing am 21 Dezember 2018 um 10:31

    It's Christmas time. We are having some time enjoying traditional sweets and cakes and prefiguring time on the ski slopes or in our cosy homes with parents and relatives and the kids awaiting their presents and the snow to cover all and everything, including our frantic time.We take a lot of pride in doing a great job for you all out there and we work hard and humble to make the grade.But it's nice to cut the line, shut the telephone off for a little time with our families, or just on our

  • Limestone Damage No More
    von Marketing am 26 November 2018 um 13:30

    Why did we need it? By now you sure already know this little genius idea here, right?The nice Safety Valve® that prevents damages from limestone deposits. But why in the world did we create such a thing? Why investing tons of money and a countless number of hours, not to mention the creation of a specific mould for our injection-based silicon moulder to create it? Because we care.We care about you, about your customers and about the shower head they bought. Sometime, I'd say, we care more than

  • Yet Another Post about Steel vs. Brass
    von Marketing am 15 November 2018 um 10:26

    There is intrinsic beauty in the brass faucets we see around shops and houses. The design flexibility that casting can give to architect is wonderful.The Swan the Alessi team has designed for HANSA, just to name one, is simply stunning and anyone can see that and in fact, it won a design award.And the several finish options available - a must-need, as brass as it is would be possibly beautiful to some (think of an old saxophone) but way too unpractical (think again of the old saxophone and add

  • The invisible shower head (all is well what is finished well)
    von Marketing am 11 Oktober 2018 um 13:07

    And "well" means nice and clean, here at ZINOX.I'd like to talk to you about the most modern finish ever for a shower element: the waterproof one. But there are indeed a bunch of different possible options, when talking about finishes for stainless steel.What are some of the most common finishes for stainless steel, then? Let's go through them, albeit briefly. And a treat to those of you who shall read until the end.Highly polished (a.k.a. Supermirror)Through a careful choice of suppliers you

  • The Final Solution for the Prevention of Limestone Damages
    von Marketing am 27 August 2018 um 12:57

    When they come to buy your shower heads, they love their stainless steel shower head so much and choose it carefully amongst many and are so demanding about its features and finish and rain effect.Once at home, after having shown it to all of their friends, they forget about some of the most simple cleaning procedures that would maintain it fully functional and beautiful as the first day, because for steel to stay great for long so it only needs them to keep it free of limestone deposit.ZINOX's

  • Keep it Safe!!
    von R+D am 2 Juli 2018 um 8:45

    WHAT!??What is this? Samples for a project about beds for fakirs?Some untold story of how the holes in the nozzles are actually made, one by one, finally justifying the enormous cost of a properly raining shower head? I give you hint: what is one of the greatest nuisance your customers will have you face in the use of your shower heads?Price customers won't pay? Well, not if they are good customers.Limestone deposits?Right.Clogged up nozzles by limestone deposits is the major issue with these

  • "It isn't a priority now" a.k.a. "The Secret Tale about Sales that Buyers Don’t Know"
    von Sales am 25 Juni 2018 um 7:26

    Hello!I’ve been working hard on a new catalogue and we haven’t been in touch much, although I have made some new friends amongst the readers here.There's something very typical in my professional life that I think you would like to know about.It is quite the typical scene I have seen a few times in the past months and severals in my professional life: I go and offer OEM services and Products to someone convinced as I am - after having checked his website and product catalogues - that this person

  • You Are Our Best Customer
    von Sales am 21 Februar 2018 um 15:19

    It is a fact: colossuses such as Amazon are eating companies like Trony and other electronic superstore away, as much as the latter once gobbled up the small neighbourhood computer stores. Same old story? Maybe, but with a different twist. One thing happening nowadays, that was not happening then, is that people often go to a showroom to see the component they wants in real, talks to someone real, check all the details in real, and then go to the Amazon website to buy it at a discounted

  • Laser Processing: Stylish and Creative-savvy
    von R+D am 29 Januar 2018 um 14:33

    It's a fact: humans are a very peculiar kind of ape. We enjoy a well designed dress, a well designed car and we like it when our houses do look good. And this extends to the bathrooms and kitchen, where so much of our lives is spent or depend from.Hence, the kick we get when we are offered the opportunity to have something stylish, to get creative in the design, when we can express that part that is, oh so human.Laser Processing has, so far, showed to be a great help in supporting this creative

  • Is Stainless Steel Better than Brass?
    von Marketing am 22 Januar 2018 um 15:23

    They call it brassware, right? They've used brass for decades, right?Everyone is ok with using brass, aren't they? Or are they not?There is a question arising in your head right now and it is: why would I want to get into this stainless steel thing, when brass is working just fine? And we even have low-lead brass, don't we? And you are just right.Right in that is a very good question for anyone in the industry to work on.So, let's try and shed some light on this dilemma but, please, allow me not

  • Great style comes at a price: steel's price.
    von Sales am 16 Januar 2018 um 15:44

    What's the price of Stainless Steel, when you need to buy the raw material, the metal sheets?An how is this price determined?We all know all too well what Stainless Steel is: an alloy. This meaning it is obtained by combining different metals, that is iron, carbon, chrome, nichel and some more depending on the alloy type (aka: the AISI number).How is the price of it determined? A number of factors impact on the price build-up of the raw material, even if levelling for the service and

  • How to stay free of limestone in your shower and live happily ever after
    von R+D am 8 Januar 2018 um 13:32

    Limestone debris.Hear the word: lime-stone. Isn't it a bit terrifying? If to you is not, well, it should be, trust me.If you love the rain effect of your new shower head and want to keep it going and extend the lifespan of your shower, you want to read about this.Because when we get limestone in our nozzles, our shower head loses quality.And, if we keep it there, in time it will lose it forever. You want your shower head as free from limestone as you can. And here is a list of a few things you

  • 2018 weather forecast
    von Marketing am 2 Januar 2018 um 9:56

    Europe Winter Forecast (source:, there will be storms, rain, showers, snow (of course) and lots of wind, in this 2018 winter, all through Europe. It seems.Well, we'll have to cope with that as it is because some things just cannot be controlled.Which is a bit disturbing, at times, because here at ZINOX we are obsessed with accuracy and dead-lines and on-time delivery with our work, as if it were a Rally Master Race where every turn and every brake can - and actually does -

  • Jingle bells, jingle bells!
    von R+D am 19 Dezember 2017 um 8:42

    Christmas is in the air! And in steel! When you make complex projects everyday and you fit details in small spaces, literally watertight, an almost 2 metres X-mas tree, with flashing LED lights inside and all laser-cut decorations and a 3-D effect star on top is like a piece of cake.So, we just thought we would have some fun, this Christmas, and made our own tree, the very ZINOX Laser way!Merry ChristmasThe Zinox Laser team

  • Well done ZINOX teams!
    von Marketing am 4 Dezember 2017 um 10:11

    Great time in Monza, at the Monster Monza Rally race, yesterday. Sunny, packed with nice people and great teams battling for the Italian Championship, won by Valentino Rossi, the famous nine-times motorbike champion, also known as THE DOCTOR. Weather was chilling - slightly below 0 ºC during early qualifications - but then turned sunny and it was a pleasure walking around one of the most iconic and historic race track in the world: Autodromo di Monza and watching pilots in great cars and walking

  • Get a free ticket to the Monza Rally
    von Marketing am 23 November 2017 um 9:07

    First established in year 2000, then passed over along the family line, Zinox Laser celebrates now ten years of activity in the bath ware industry and will do it from the 1st to 3rd December with a special event at the Monza Rally Show 2017, the most adrenalinic and anticipated by two and four-wheels fans.The company is keen on sports because it has always been a source of inspiration: Performance, Efficiency, Productivity, Speed, are the values that drive both sports enterprises and business

  • 5 things you want to know about stainless steel
    von R+D am 23 November 2017 um 8:30

    When they asked you to take care of the next stainless steel product line it was an exciting moment.That's the kind of product line that keeps a company aside from competitors, that shows all the design quality potential your company has and it was time to show.Now, you're out for stainless steel and you find out there is not just "one" type of it.Great!Let's talk about types, procurement, processing, then! You're going to love it.1.Steel is great. Stainless is steel is even better: it doesn't


Vielen Dank an euch alle! Zinox Laser bei der Monza Rally Show 2017


Das auf dem “Autodromo di Monza” war ein großartiges Wochenende voller Adrenalin und Motoren: Danke an alle, die am Sonntag, 3 Dezember, an dem wichtigsten Tag teilgenommen haben, an dem Tausende von Fans die Rennstrecke gekommen haben.

Zinox Laser feierte sein zehnjähriges Jubiläum mit Kunden, Lieferanten und Mitarbeitern, die das Unternehmen auf seinem Wachstumskurs begleitet haben. Sie waren in 250, um uns zu unterstützen und Ihre Unterstützung war eine Quelle des großen Stolzes für uns!

Prominente und Champions vieler Sportdisziplinen treffen sich jedes Jahr zu diesem wichtigen Sportereignis: Die 2017 Monza Rallye Show hat den Triumph von Valentino Rossi und den Sieg des Paares Neuville-Mikkelsen in der berühmten Masters’Show am Nachmittag gefeiert.

Die beiden von Zinox Laser, Zanazio-Ricci und Caffoni-Minazzi unterstützten Mannschaften, auf den Kurven der berühmtesten Rennstrecke Italiens eine Show zeigten. Wir hoffen das Show hat Ihnen gefallen und auch Sie konnten unsere Sportleidenschaft genießen!

Es wird bald online der komplette Fotoreport sein, folge weiter mit uns, auch auf unserer offiziellen Zinox Laser Facebook Seite!

Seit zehn Jahren mit derselben Leidenschaft: Zinox Laser feiert sein Jahrzehnt


Zinox Laser feiert sein Jahrzehnt und wird es vom 1. bis 3. Dezember mit einem besonderen Event auf der Monza Rally Show 2017 tun, dem adrenalinischsten und von zwei- und vierrädrigen Fans erwarteten Rennen.

Die Firma ist sportbegeistert, weil es schon immer eine Inspirationsquelle war: Leistung, Effizienz, Produktivität, Geschwindigkeit – das sind die Werte, die sowohl Sportunternehmung als auch Geschäftsaktivitäten antreiben. Ziel ist es, dem internationalen Kundenkreis in verschiedenen Branchen, Prozesse und Produkte anzubieten, die im Bereich der Feinblech- und Edelstahlbearbeitung immer erfolgreicher werden.

In diesem Jahrzehnt wollte Zinox Laser auch sein Logo erneuern: ein neues Emblem, um sich an seine Evolution und seinen Wachstumspfad zu erinnern, im Einklang mit einer starken Unternehmensmission.

Klicken Sie auf “Gefällt mir” auf der Facebook-Seite “Zinox Laser”, um über Produktinnovationen, Veranstaltungen und sportliche Werte auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben, die das Unternehmen immer besser machen. Seit 10 Jahren mit der gleichen Leidenschaft.